Who is Wayne?

Wayne is an experienced, open-hearted individual inspired to serve people to expand and heal their lives and attain their unique goals and aspirations, drawing on his extensive business, personal and holistic knowledge, teachings and experiences.

Wayne has been immersed in the healing arts and related fields for nearly 30 years receiving extensive training and experience in a vast number of modalities including Energy/Touch, Angelic, Sound/Vibrational, Tantric, Shamanic, Taoist and other healing modalities enabling him to be a master teacher/practitioner.  His corporate business experience spans over 40 years as a professional photographer, commercial real estate developer, graphic arts firm and advertising agency owner, IT consultant, and others.  He has taught all over the U.S. and offers a variety of courses for practitioners, seekers of knowledge, counselors, guides and people looking for new experiences through group settings and individualized learning techniques.

 How Can Wayne Help You?

Wayne’s extensive business background and life experiences combined with his holistic knowledge and experience brings a unique balance of being firmly grounded in the “real world” embodying his holistic and spiritual expertise into his own life as well as the lives of his clients (not being new-age or woo-woo).  Wayne helps people discover their true gifts and traps, learn new tools and how to use them, and integrate it all to heal, increase wellness, attain their life goals and desires, and live life to its fullest.  He believes everyone is “Perfect, Whole and Complete,” and by doing this work people are improving their lives and are not broken in any way.  Wayne’s teaching and work enhances every aspect of a person’s life by building a strong relationship with self and others and enables personal empowerment and growth at very deep and powerful levels.

While at the same time, his calming, powerful ability to hold space, witness and conscientiously guide from shadow to safety allows him to effectively help people heal acute and chronic physical and/or emotional problems enhancing people’s lives.  His unique combination of sensory release and verbal guidance helps people with conditions like depression, abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, verbal), stress, hyper-activity, low self-image, in addition to many physical challenges including TMJ, chronic headaches, stomach problems, nerve damage, skin rashes, digestion, pain management, injuries, and conditions like Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Parkinson’s and MS to improve their quality of life.

Check www.EnergeticCoreHealing.com see video and written testimonials, learn about Wayne’s personal healing journey, learn about the Energetic Core Healing System he developed, uses and teaches.  To contact Wayne, email [email protected] or call 224-392-3406.

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