Group Instruction

I offer classes, workshops, seminars and courses across the country.  Some of my classes are listed in this section. I also put together custom-made workshops for many people.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please email me.  Custom experiential and training workshops are available.

A Sampling of Subjects for Core Courses Offered

1)      Stress & Trauma Release Techniques
2)      Angelic Internal Body Energy Gate
3)      Stem Cell Reactivation
4)      Differences in Working with Men and Women Clients
5)      Boundaries for Sex-Positive Professionals
6)      How to Choose the Role of Your Sexual Desire in Sacred Sexual Healing
7)      Healing Power of Role Play
8)      Tools for Trauma
9)      Energetic-Core Healing Intensive
10)    What is Tantric Healing
11)    Internal Work-  Why and How
12)    Deep Healing with BDSM

Knowing Your Body & Energy:
1)      Chakra Workshop
2)      The Seven Bodies
3)      Non-Verbal Communications
4)      Body Reading and Language
5)      Body Image for Men and Women
6)      Power of Yin
7)      Power of Yang
8)      Divine Union
9)      Understand your Boundaries and Why They are There
10)    Eye Gazing

1)      How to Navigate Gender Politics
2)      Understanding Men
3)      Understanding Women
4)      Divine vs. Trap in Relationships
5)      Self Love
6)      Relating with your Kids
7)      Raising Children in a Tantric Environment
8)      The Power of Heart
9)      The Power of Surrender- Divine and Trap
10)    How to Listen


A Selection of Workshops with Descriptions

Energetic Core Healing, (Integrated Healing of Emotional – Spiritual – Psychological – Physical): The techniques taught are drawn from the work of Jack Painter, Asian Taoist, Indian Tantra, Angelic Energy Work, Pressure Point Release, Techniques of my own design, and many more. (more)

Stress & Trauma Release Series: Everyone carries stress and trauma in their body.  This workshop series is designed to familiarize attendees with energetic techniques combined with powerful reflex points on the body that can help relieve and release pain and tension due to stress and trauma for everyone from interested novices to experienced practitioners.  Learn how to release stress and trauma from the body and receive the supervised practice to be proficient using them by attending this workshop.  These effective techniques are a result of combining and simplifying many different modalities through 30 years of experience into a powerful, simple to use healing system. (more)

Energy & Chakras, Level 1: This course starts out with an introduction to Energy, where to find it and how to use it.  Then the 7 In-Body Chakra locations, characteristics and functions are explored.  (more)

Internal Energy Body Gate: This course teaches a process to aid intense physical or emotional healing by placing an energy gate in the Seeker’s body.  It is a very useful tool to use for people with chronic conditions, both emotional and physical.  (more)

Stem Cell Activation: Research has found there are 18 stem cell depositories in the human body.  These depositories are vitally important in a human’s growth through puberty.  After puberty, these depositories go dormant since all the major body growth is finished.  Learn how to activate those depositories for deep healing.  (more)

Basics of Working with Male and Female Clients: The approach for healing men and women can be very different.   This course explores methodology, techniques and approaches effective for each.   Proven techniques for men and women are explored, contrasted and practiced.

Acu-Tuning: This course teaches a process that combines Sound Healing techniques and the Chinese Acupuncture Meridian System.  Tuning forks are used on reflex points along the Chinese Meridian System for specific effects on the body.  (more)