Last weekend I made another trip to see Wayne as my healer, teacher, and mentor. About two years ago, I was introduced to him through another of his long-term clients. Wayne is one of the most important blessings I have known in my 54 years of life.

Unquestionably, I am a better man because of my time and work learning with him privately and in classes, on several levels. I am both more courageous in the face of adversity and more authentically sweet in my relationships, including the one I have with myself.  Wayne helps people become more valuable and vital to themselves, their families, their employers, their communities, and the world as a whole. Wayne embodies, uses, and teaches a solid set of proven modalities. His teaching and healing goes deep and has multiplying positive effects not only within his dedicated clients and their immediate connections, but on all our continuums. Wayne is brave, kind, humble, and rock steady for the people he serves. He teaches by example and from his heart.

As always after working with Wayne this past weekend, I feel more peaceful, positive, open, and healthy in my body, mind, and spirit. Wayne’s teaching and healing processes are unconventional and powerful in ways words simply cannot describe, almost by definition. Wayne genuinely and patiently helps his students and clients get through inner difficulties – and everyone has them – using methods that go far beyond the standardized diagnoses and treatments of textbook medicinal cause and effect. His teaching and healing is highly personalized and based in love and an unshakable respect for every person he sees.

His nature is gentle, thoughtful, responsible, and pure. When necessary, he will get tougher and say things that are not easy to hear; this helps me utterly trust him because I know he exercises his choices consciously and when I come to him with any problem, he does his absolute best to listen and provide help in any way he can.

My girlfriend has worked with him as well, and her lessons, homework and energy sessions are radically different from mine, even if we are working on the same issues. Wayne’s array and breadth of teaching and healing insight is a testament to his passion and dedication to advancing the healing arts, and is simultaneously a true gift lo the world. I am so thankful he shares himself generously.

The world needs more teachers and healers with Wayne’s wisdom, experience, profoundly loving energies, humility, and endless determination to do incredible and meaningful good for humanity through optimistic and powerful teaching combined with therapeutic talk and touch. He knows from his own childhood about emotional pain and its effects in the body. What he brings daily to his students and clients is remarkable, and I am blessed to have him as a primary sounding board for healing my own traumas.

I feel highly supported and nourished by Wayne, a man I trust because he consistently goes beyond the call to teach and do things consciously and fairly and right in as many ways as are humanly possible. And his teachings and methods work. I can call him anytime to talk about anything; he makes that clear, easy, and true. If I were a Healer, I’d aspire to be like him in his motivations, accountability, encouragement, bigheartedness, honesty, openness, and mutual gratitude with those who authentically seek to learn and heal.

This world needs real energy healers, and we who have worked with Wayne are grateful for receiving what this beautiful man offers through his teachings. I have no doubt that Wayne will continue to be a wonderful asset to the people he treats, to his students, to the communities he serves, and to the places where he does his work.

Thank you.


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