Wayne, as I am readying myself to leave, I want you to know how powerful our work together has been. Today I woke up and accepted myself as the fully sensual woman that I have always been but disconnected from for years. Step by step you have pushed me to go beyond what I was settling for, a sort of half-life, safe, but ultimately not my fulfilling my soul potential. I am awed by your commitment to my healing and filled with gratitude. Love,

P.S. my homework was great and send healing prayers to my stomach, it is still healing.

Wayne is a master healer who creates deep and sacred space for transformation. My healing sessions with Wayne took me from a freeze and fear response to touch, developed as a reaction from childhood sexual trauma, to experiencing myself as a strong, sensual and fully orgasmic woman. My healing was so deep that I decided to reconnect with my father, my perpetrator, twelve years after I decided to have no contact with him. I realized that I had completely healed from my past as I experienced forgiveness and compassion for myself and for my father in our reunion. Through Wayne’s skillful use of Jack Painter and other Tantra techniques, I was able to process my past and release it at a cellular level. I cleared, understood and integrated my past in a way that leaves knowing and feeling that I can truly be present for myself and for anyone else at any time. While the healing sessions with Wayne were intense, I always felt safe and honored as both a woman and as a client. His commitment to my healing was always present and I benefited from the combination of his skill and his heart in every aspect of my life.

– CG, IL