The work I have done with Wayne is radical, transformative and unlike any other work I have done… and I’ve done a lot of different kinds of work! He has helped me get at blocks that I have felt desperate and futile to get at. It is one thing to know the problem, emotionally and psychologically, and another to be able to make lasting changes. Wayne has shown me the key. Talk therapy never could, all the self-help and meditation in the world never could. Energy work, diet, and exercise is not enough. A life time of spiritual practices would not have done what he has in a matter of months.

 He has opened me up in the most ingrained and deeply unconsciously conditioned places and released large amounts of fear, anger, sadness and guilt. Our work has enabled me to get back in touch with my heart.  I have an assurance in myself worth and trust of my feelings I never had before. There is more to go and I will keep working with Wayne until I have gone as far as I can or until there are no more inner obstacles to my happiness. New possibilities are opening in my life.  I’m saying yes in places I was too afraid to go before around professional work and self expression. I have a much deeper sense of contentment and relaxation around my life in general which keeps making everything easier and more fun.

One of the most amazing things to me about Wayne is his bottomless heart. I was not used to anyone in my life being that available, that loving and that open that it took me awhile to really let it in. He treats his clients like family – without the baggage! The freedom to be myself with him, to be completely open and real, and to let go of all hiding and trying to get it right has brought me to a new level of self acceptance in all parts of my life. I still marvel that he continues to be here for me and wrap his heart around me. I am deeply grateful. Thank you, Wayne.


About a year before I met him (Wayne), I had heard of his healing work and his reputation for facilitating breakthrough changes in women’s lives. I had met at least three other women who worked with him personally and asked them about their experiences. They all spoke openly with me about the deep personal work they had done with him.  I met Wayne in Chicago, IL in December of 2009 and about a month later I began working with him as a deep core healing client.  On that first meeting … He had a solid nurturing way about him that felt very fatherly and safe. I trusted that I could learn and grow from working with him.

We worked together for about 6 months until he relocated.  In that time I learned much about the emotional and physical blocks that were holding me back. He particularly shifted my relating as a parent and helped me be calmer and more available to my two sons who are now 10 and 13 years old. We spent much of our work focusing on my difficulties with my father and how they were causing difficulties with my children.  Our work together supported me in advocating for my son at his grade school where he was being abused by a teacher. We ended up getting him into a private Montessori school and out of a debilitating situation. He has helped me manage and transform my temper so that I no longer lash out at my children in times of frustration and have stopped spanking them altogether. Wayne’s impact on my life has greatly improved the quality of the entire future of my boys’ lives. There is no way to measure the benefit that has for the future of society.

He invited me to begin teaching with him and we started collaborating on a more professional level. He has spent many hours training me and collaborating on the presentation of materials and concepts in a way that maximizes the workshop experience for participants. He has guided me through marketing and promotions. He has been a strong guide in helping me to show up and develop my professional abilities as a performer, teacher and workshop facilitator.

In this capacity I have continued to witness his unceasing commitment and dedication to giving what has been essential to him. This continues to be the bottom guiding line in his life. He never ceases to be available and look for ways to make this healing accessible to others.