Testimonials from Men

“… Unquestionably, I am a better man because of my time and work learning with him privately and in classes, on several levels. I am both more courageous in the face of adversity and more authentically sweet in my relationships, including the one I have with myself.  Wayne helps people become more valuable and vital to themselves, their families, their employers, their communities, and the world as a whole. Wayne embodies, uses, and teaches a solid set of proven modalities. His teaching and healing goes deep and has multiplying positive effects not only within his dedicated clients and their immediate connections, but on all our continuums. Wayne is brave, kind, humble, and rock steady for the people he serves. He teaches by example and from his heart.  …”

– RM, IL


“The work I did with Wayne was profoundly moving and transformational. In the very first session I was able to tap into an emotional and psychic space inaccessible with words alone. Wayne provides an exceptionally safe environment in which to explore that space, facilitating deep healing in a way that few others are capable of. I would recommend Wayne’s courses and sessions (I have done them both) whole heatedly and without reservation. They will change your life!”

– NS, AZ


“There is no one I know that has more experience using Jack Painter-style methods of deep bodywork for healing difficult, and long-standing issues. I personally know more than ten of Wayne’s clients, and can testify to the profound, and life-reaffirming changes he has helped to bring about in their lives. Wayne is simply the best.”

– SK, AZ

Wayne’s strength and openness allowed me to confront some of my most profound fears and work my way through them.  This was new work for me and I was a little anxious about doing this deep spiritual, physical, sexual healing with another man.  Wayne’s huge heart reassured me and helped me release some very old fears and transform and heal some very old wounds.


The main work I needed was to begin the opening of my Root Chakra, which was very blocked.After the work you did with me I have been able to continue the opening with my personal practice.I believe you jump started the opening process for me. It would have taken me years if at all to get to where I am now after receiving your help.