Wayne’s Personal Healing Journey

I started life as an abused child, and dove deeply into western medicine as a young adult.  After losing my parents, I had a spiritual awakening and became a seeker with an intense drive to heal using energy healing.  Since then, I have become a teacher and practitioner of the energy healing methods that were instrumental in my life-healing journey.

In my life from the start, I appeared as a scared and introverted child.  As a young adult, I pushed through that state being without dealing with my childhood, intensely involved in using western medicine to heal while at the same time being a business entrepreneur.  My spiritual awakening gave me the opportunity to really start healing my trauma in an intense way using complimentary energy methods and be a teacher/practitioner of the methods that aided me in my healing.

As a child I was physically, sexually, emotionally, psychologically, and mentally abused by my father from my earliest memories.  Around the age of 15, the physical and sexual abuse stopped, but the emotional, psychological and mental abuse literally kept going until the day my father passed away.  This environment supported me being in my mind and thoughts all the time, not being in touch with how I felt, always trying to “figure out” how I was making my father so angry.  My body was in so much pain that I disconnected from it.  I spent all my time trying to think and make plans to protect myself.  Of course, that did not work, but I still continued that process because I was stuck there – I had a major energy block.

As time went on, I displayed more and more physical symptoms and conditions.  My family of origin had a strong belief in western medicine, to which I adapted and inhaled.   By the time I was 32 years old I was taking 37 prescription medications at one time and seeing 7 western MD specialists on a regular basis.  Pill boxes were not large enough; I went to the hardware store and bought a small parts box with about 35 compartments to sort my daily pills.  In addition, I spent about 4 hours per week with a renowned Psychologist.  At that point in my life, western healing was my main focus rather than concentrating on my family and business.  The absurd number of prescription meds left me feeling numb (which I believe was the aim of the doctors), so I was not living my life in any real way.   In addition, within a year of each other both of my parents passed away adding to my personal chaos,

One morning I literally got my wakeup call – the Universe’s way of hitting me over the head with a 2×4, except I was so stubborn and set in my ways, I needed a 2 x 12 to get my attention.  That morning, it occurred to me that I knew 90 year olds that are in better physical and emotional shape, and I made the decision to drastically change my life.  I had been investigating alternative/complementary healing methods and sent a list of my meds to all my MD’s stating my intention to reduce and/or eliminate these drugs, as I was able to.  I retained the MD’s that said that they would help me get off the meds and I stopped seeing the MD’s who saw no problem with taking 37 medications.  I started networking, looking for an alternative practitioner to work with and found this Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD) from China who was teaching American MD’s eastern medicine.  She was not accepting patients at that time, but I got an appointment to speak with her.  When she heard my story, she offered to work with me as her only private patient to help balance my body and start my healing process.  She taught me that my first step was to heal the effects of the “western medical management”, to allow me to return to my base level and actually heal the underlying conditions causing all these conditions, rather than treating the symptoms.  This became my first goal in my Energetic Core Healing System, which I have taught and used in my life and to help others.  I worked with this OMD each week for about 1 ½ years, getting acupuncture and going to China town after each appointment with a script for raw Chinese herbs to make tea to hold the treatment until the following week.  She did not take me off the meds.  Her strategy was to help me build up my immune system and cleanse the blood and lymph so when I visited my MD’s they would see my progress and take me off the meds, which is exactly what happened.  As a side note, I just turned 60 this year and have not taken a prescription or over-the-counter medication since I was 33 years old.  I feel better and have more energy and zest for life than I’ve ever have, and my experience is that with each succeeding decade gets better and better.

While doing acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I continued to search for other alternative healing modalities.  I discovered and experienced a lot of different modalities including shamanic, trigger point, vibrational, angelic, and many others.  My desire to help other people heal as my own healing progressed grew.  I started to heal people, teaching them how to heal themselves and others.  It became my life passion.  I then got to the point where my own healing felt stalled.  Then I found Tantric Healing.  Tantra has a bad reputation in mainstream, but it is really an amazing way to heal deep-seated trauma.  Unlike the misconceptions that Tantra is just an excuse to have sex, I found it to be the most powerful form of deep healing I have ever experienced.  I started learning and experiencing Tantra in every way I could and felt my healing was back in high gear. I then experienced a specific form of Tantric healing called Pelvic Heart Integration, the work of Jack Painter.  My first Pelvic Heart session was radically different from all the other healing sessions I had experienced thus far.  I actually not only felt better, but I felt much “lighter” and more healed than ever before.  Those feelings also lasted much longer, unlike the other modalities I had tried.  I signed up for the next class Jack was teaching and studied intensely with him.   Pelvic Heart Integration was exactly what I was looking for. My life really started to transform at an even faster rate without the fallback effect of the treatment wearing off which I experienced with other healing modalities.  Pelvic Heart Integration is a core modality for my Energetic Core Healing System I developed and currently teach and use.  I have applied Energetic Core Healing (ECH) in over 7000 hours of healing sessions with clients.

My professional life has been varied, gave me grate life experiences to prepare me to become who I am and do what I do best.  In high school and college, I was a professional photographer free-lancing for the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times newspapers.  I also had a successful advertising photography business which allowed me to pay for all my college and living expenses, even pay rent and utilities while living in my parent’s house starting in Junior High School.  I then started and ran a graphic arts company.  After graduating from college, I ran a business-to-business advertising agency, developed commercial real estate, and did computer consulting.  Throughout this whole process I was learning, providing and teaching healing methods.  It became clear to me that healing is my life’s work, and what I was meant to do.  My heart opens so fully that I decided to become a full-time teacher and practitioner.  I am now fulfilling my life’s purpose and helping people using a real-world method for me to share and serve others.  I want to offer people choices for their healing.  It is my hope that others who are open to my work can use my experience and teaching as a solid base for their own healing and spiritual growth, and avoid some of the trials and tribulations that I encountered.  What I can say is that personal healing never stops.  My real life purpose is that of continual healing, learning and teaching, while serving others by passing on my knowledge and experience for them to use and accomplish greater things in life, and grow in their own divine way to reach their fullest potential.

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