Individualized Instruction

Program Offerings

Many people use the word session because people associate it with individual work, but a more correct description of what I provide is “Individualized Instruction.”  There are things more easily learned in a group class/workshop environment and others more easily learned in an custom-created individual environment.  These Individualized Instruction experiences explore self-discovery and are as unique as my students.  I have a large selection of “tools” at my disposal and I customize them to fit the client using these tools.  I do not believe in “cookbook” methodology.  Each experience has its’ own life and I believe a  master “Life Transformation Guide” co-creates each with each client every time.  All clients are unique and their solutions are unique also.  Even subsequent work with the same client may be very different from previous work.  I engage as many of my client’s “energy bodies” (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental …) as is possible to get the greatest results for my clients.

I start with a lot of cognitive communication time.  I ask my client if there is anything specific related to our work that may be coming up that they want to work on.  From there, I usually align chakras and perform a scan of the client’s body.  I discuss what I found with the client and we decide together (co-create) what happens next.  I always discuss my methods and what is entailed with my client before I use them so the client can learn them and use them on his/her own.  My intention is to have “NO SURPRISES” come up relating to any techniques used, there are certainly enough “surprises” that come through the client’s process, which is the real reason for the interaction.

These experiences are very much unstructured and I encourage communication from my clients throughout.  Usually when a client is working on deep trauma or issues that have been part of their life for a long time, things come up during and/or after our actual time together.  I ask my clients to call me within 24 hours of completion to check in.  At that point, we discuss what else may be needed at that time and how to best prepare for the next time.  My goal is to teach clients to take care of things that do come up as soon as possible.  Sometimes  just a phone call is required, sometimes an in-person visit is required.  The healing/learning experience does not stop when the client leaves the physical space, so I don’t stop working with my client when he/she walks out that door.  After-care and preparation for the next step between visits aids integration and understanding, an important part of the process and can vary greatly between clients and circumstances.

Many of the techniques may be considered “New Wave” by some people, however most of what I teach is based on ancient techniques like the Chinese Meridian System (what Acupuncture is based on) or other traditions that have been used for centuries.

My clients are always in complete control of their experience so they get the full benefit and understanding from it.  Everything is explained first.  Even if a client requests little or no talking, I still explain each new technique before using it.

I am not a doctor and do not in any way replace a doctor or traditional medical care.  I encourage everyone to seek out and receive proper medical care.  This is educational and supplemental and meant to empower the client to deal with problems and life in general.