Stress & Trauma Release Series

Everyone carries stress and trauma in their body.  This workshop series is designed to familiarize attendees with energetic techniques combined with powerful reflex points on the body that can help relieve and release pain and tension due to stress and trauma for everyone from interested novices to experienced practitioners.  Learn how to release stress and trauma from the body and receive the supervised practice to be proficient using them by attending this workshop.  These effective techniques are a result of combining and simplifying many different modalities through my 30 years of experience into a powerful, simple to use healing system.

We hold so much stress in our bodies. Learn proven techniques to release from all parts of your body that are more effective than massage or conventional energy release methods.

Module 1- The Head and Neck: Ever heard of people carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders?  Well we all tend to carry stress and trauma in this area of the body.  Not only will this workshop help release physical and energetic stiffness and stress, but will open energetic passageways to allow greater movement, more attentiveness, better body position and much more even including improved vision.

Module 2- The Upper Torso:  Use this technique to open your heart on a physical as well as energetic plane in a therapeutic, non-sexual manner.  Get in touch with your emotions.  Express your love and heart’s desire more powerfully and in an easier way.  Relieve pain and stiffness in your upper torso.  Feel more in-tune with your surroundings and stay connected.

Module 3- The Lower Torso:  Release trauma and tension associated with the lower chakras in a therapeutic, non-sexual manner.  Balance and be in touch with behaviors like survival instinct, self-confidence, self-image and many more.  Improve your conscious and sub-conscious aspects of body language, perception by others, success in life, and many more.

Who should attend:
* Everyone is welcome
* No previous experience required
* Experienced interested novices to therapists
What should I expect from the workshop:
* Brief overview & demonstration of the technique
* Hands-on experience of giving and receiving the technique
* Group discussion of their experiences
* Be able to use these techniques on yourself or someone else after the workshop
* Limited enrollment so everyone gets thorough supervised practice.
This is a partial list of the concepts we will explore: 
* How to perceive stress in the body
* How to use energy to release without massage
* Common release points
* Proper preparation for release
* Proper integration
* And many more!

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