Internal Energy Gate in the Body

 This is a process to aid intense physical or emotional healing. It is a very useful tool to use for people with chronic conditions, both emotional and physical. Examples of the uses for emotional healing are depression, intense fear, and other unshakable emotional states. Examples of uses for physical healing are chronic conditions such as: MS, Parkinson’s disease, Arthritis, Cancer and many others; to pain relief and other repetitive or constant problems. It immerses the body into grace energy so that it can heal making treatments and therapies more effective and able to last longer.

The process places and activates an angelic energy gate within a person’s body, so it is working 24/7. The gate is based on ancient sacred geometry. The placement of the oils open up an angelic gate way called the Gate of Grace. This Gateway looks much like the Merkaba due to its makeup of two pyramids. However, the Merkaba is made of two three sided pyramids known as a star tetrahedron and the Gate of Grace is made up of two four sided pyramids called a star octahedron. Both are creations of sacred geometrical forms with the star octahedron being the more advanced of the two. Placing the eight correct essential oils on the eight places creates the Gate of Grace. When these oils are set the Gate will activate itself. Each oil and placement area relates to a healing frequency that is categorized by a color from the chakra system. This system of colors is used to identify and communicate the process. The grace energy starts in the place of the “blue” oil in the east moving through the gate to the “blue” oil in the west, moving to the “yellow” oil and next to the “orange” oil followed by the “purple” then “red”, “green”, “violet” and then back to the “blue” in the east. As the grace energy flows two pyramids will form, one pyramid will point up and the other will point down intersecting each other. The two pyramids start to rotate in different directions and will start moving faster and faster. When this happens they will start to form a geodesic ball and when the ball smoothes out it caves in at the top and bottom to form a tube or a vortex through which flows the grace energy.

This process is done with specific essential oils that work at specific frequencies along with spoken declarations. The process is done within an energy gated area. It requires the entire back of the person to be exposed to accept the oils. The general procedure is to place specific oils on the person’s back in the pattern of the gate. While doing this, there is a specific dialog that is carried out between practitioner and client.

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