Energetic Core Healing

The ECH Process

Energetic Core Healing is a modular healing system utilized in personal and professional transformation on every level.  It is “modality and technique independent”, and unlike systems that provide symptom repair or “Band-Aids” to mask blocks and trauma in the body, ECH is explicitly designed to uncover the underlying conditions that cause the symptoms, and help release the blocks and trauma associated with those conditions.  Direct symptom repair tends to be short-lived and frequently does more harm than good in the long run.  When the underlying conditions are resolved, not only are the apparent symptoms healed, but also many other seemingly unrelated symptoms are also healed at the same time.

The entire ECH system is made up of 10 modules or phases.  The system is designed to go as deep as is appropriate for the client in the moment.  A client does not need to go through all 10 modules or phases to receive transformation if they are not needed.  There is a great amount of flexibility in how and what is done in each module to create a powerful transformative results tailored for each individual client and each individual practitioner’s “tool box” of modalities.   ECH is based on vast amount of concepts gathered, experienced and improved on for over 30 years and incorporates elements of psychology, breath work, body work, and energy work drawing from Jack Painter’s Pelvic Heart Integration, tantric healing, angelic healing, trigger point therapy, vibrational and sound healing, and many other healing methods.

ECH is a very effective and powerful form of “Tantric Sexual Healing” supplemented by integral aspects of many other healing modalities.  Even though ECH is a powerful form of sexual healing, there are NO sexual interactions or acts.  ECH does utilize Kundalini energy (life-force energy sometimes referred as sexual energy) which is the most powerful energy in the human body, to remove blocks and manage the human energy system for full-spectrum, 7-chakra health, which serves virtually all aspects of life.  ECH allows and supports modalities that work directly with all seven chakras.  This is a powerful advantage that allows for life transformation where other types of healing that greatly minimize or skip dealing with root-chakra energy, thereby greatly reducing their effectiveness on healing deep-seated trauma (usually expressed as a block or deficiency in the root chakra).

The ECH system can be utilized to heal virtually all deep-seated trauma.  It is a powerful system of healing that supports the practitioner’s ability to hold space, and to witness and conscientiously guide people from shadow holding them back from their radiance, to safety, where healing is accomplished.  ECH allows practitioners to effectively help people heal acute and chronic physical and/or emotional problems using energetic tools like essential oils, tuning forks, minerals, touch, and remote healing methods. This unique combination of sensory release and verbal guidance helps people deal with depression, abuse (physical, sexual, emotional, verbal), stress, and many physical challenges including TMJ, chronic headaches, stomach/digestion problems, nerve damage, skin rashes, pain management, injuries, Cancer, Parkinson’s and MS to name a few.

ECH workshops and trainings are not meant to teach specific modalities and techniques per sé, rather, the workshops use established ECH techniques as a language to teach the underlying process of deep healing through sensations and emotions.  To maximize the effectiveness of the deep healing, the choice of specific methods used must be in sync with both practitioner and client for the conditions being evaluated and released.  Every client is different and every session is different, this is one reason ECH is so powerful.  ECH students are encouraged not to copy what the instructor does.  Students are encouraged to add and adapt any techniques they find powerful and in-line with their own gifts and skills into their toolbox of modalities and apply those tools through the ECH healing system to more effectively help their clients transform their deep-seated trauma into the bliss they desire and deserve.


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