Energetic Core Healing 10-Day Course (Level 1)

How would you like YOUR HEALING WORK described like this? (actual quotes):

· Utterly profound
· I gained SO MUCH courage to actually LIVE my life
· I experienced myself as a strong, sensual and fully orgasmic woman
· I laughed a lot. I cried intensely, felt pleasure. I felt pain. I felt completely blessed, I blissed out and floated out of session…

What the student/practitioner will receive from this course:

* Learn & adapt flexible, advanced healing techniques
* Supplement and augment current healing modalities
* Expand you healing scope
* Adapt these techniques to fit your gifts, not changing yourself to fit the techniques
* Work at a deeper level with less energy expended
* Go as deep as your seekers need without worrying about getting overwhelmed
* Be more intuitive in your healing
* Take on new challenges with confidence
* Work on underlying conditions, not surface symptoms
* Have longer-term relationships with your seekers
* Know what to do with major issues in session

What the student’s/practitioner’s clients will receive:
* Deeper, more complete healing
* Additional healing in areas not perceived as related
* Improved self-image and self-confidence through self discovery
* True release of unwanted energy/emotions
* Feeling lighter and more open because of this life-changing process
* Finally heal those problems you have been working on all your life
* Be more in touch with yourself and the world
* Discover your true body, emotions and path

I am a Teacher of Healers. I specialize in giving professionals, who help the community, the tools to confidently deal with virtually all issues that may come up in session. Repressed or unexpressed energy in the heart and root can flow again when the practitioner has an approach which brings the shadow of trauma into the light.

Energetic Core Healing gives you the skill to release stored energies of stress, abuse & trauma!


One of my goals in offering this teaching is to bring root-energy-powered, full-spectrum healing into the mainstream. These techniques have helped a wide variety of people, many who have exhausted traditional western medicine and other alternative methods. These healing techniques have also been used as a powerful complimentary practice to those currently earning their living as a guide, healer, minister or doctor.

This ten-day course is a hands-on immersion of a robust set of powerful healing tools drawn from the work of Jack Painter, Asian Taoist, East Indian Tantra, Angelic Energy Work, Pressure Point Release, techniques of my own design, and many others. These tools have been effective with a wide range of people and conditions: abuse of all forms (sexual, emotional, physical, verbal, etc); chronic conditions like MS, Parkinson’s and Cancer; unwanted sub-conscious  imprints left by society, parents or religion; depression; chronic fear and anxiety; low self-image; low confidence; sexual dysfunction, stress, nerve damage, pain management, injuries and many more. These techniques can be adapted to help with virtually any emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical challenge and do not require a license to administer. This is a spiritual-energy-truth system you can add to your current vocation.

This workshop intensive gives you actual experience with the process and allows you to add it to your healing tool box. This level 1 course is 10 days in the classroom plus practicum hours.

The Energetic Core Healing System teachings consist of  three 10-day workshop intensive (each providing 100 hours of instruction), supervised practicum outside of the classroom and so prerequisite workshops.  After this is completed, “Master’s Classes” are recommended for advanced for advanced learning and experience.