I want to share with you briefly, my experience of Wayne’s Energetic Core Trauma Healing we’ve been doing these last few days as an intensive. I have been a seeker of healing for 15 years. I was sexually, emotionally, and physically abused as a child. I have experienced many forms of energy healing, Reiki, hypnosis, acupuncture, shamanic, Ayahuasca, transformational breath, tantric, chiropractic, angelic, and many more, etc. While I have found significant healing in many of these modalities, none have released the traumas stored in my tissue, meridians, nerves, mind, and emotions, to the enormous degree that Wayne’s work has done.

I thought I worked on all this. I thought I had done tons of work already. There couldn’t possibly be that much left. There was! There were issues, situations, and experiences in my childhood I thought were minor disappointments that I had dismissed years ago as “nothing”. While in the midst of the healing, I saw these surface as monumental traumas to the sensitive little girl I was. I never worked on those issues. It was an incredible discovery, and an important one.

The difference with Wayne’s healing, is that it accesses the deepest places in the body’s tissue and supressed emotions that has stored years of stress, pain, anger, and unreleased parts of trauma. We get used to these supressed emotional vibrations on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis, to the point we don’t even realize our daily anxiety or monthly depression is directly a result of these unreleased emotions.

I was absolutely blown away at the amount of pain and anger stored in my tissues and being. I knew that this pain and anger was running on a subconcious level on a daily basis in my life, affecting my ability to have full confidence, peace, and courage to follow my dreams and live my purpose with unrelenting direction and focus. And talk about issues in intimate relationships… my armor has been keeping me from having the deep love I’ve always wanted in a relationship, because I had such severe trust issues and unresolved anger. All of this translates as enormous amounts of armor that has been keeping me from feeling my OWN love, the love of the Universe, and the ability to attract integral love in an intimate relationship.

I have been releasing galactic amounts of stored pain and anger in these last few days. And the reprogramming on such a deep level, has been powerfully transformative from the core, outwards. When we change the core, we change our lives and the amount of love we are capable of feeling and experiencing on a daily basis–peace, purpose, and direction. This work is the most powerful way I have found to free myself from my shackles and bondage. I am changing from a core level. And it is amazingly powerful.

So, I gift you with this view into my process. It has been a painful journey, but the pain is on it’s way OUT. This is the point. I want it OUT. I want it OUT of my tissues, OUT of my mind, and OUT of my WAY to feeling my divine self on every level– peace and love and purpose. And Wayne’s work is doing this in lightyears. We are releasing HUGE amounts, clearing me of major blocks that have been affecting me for years… my whole life.

– HT, FL