When I started working with Daka Wayne, I was suffering from the worst case of sciatica of my life.  I couldn’t sit down at all and walking, laying down, and even sleeping was excruciatingly painful.  This had been going on for about two months, and I was really at the end of my rope.  I am a 31 yr old woman, and at that time I had a very successful, full life, pursuing my dreams and working hard.  But that was just the problem– I was working HARD at everything.  Nothing seemed easy and I was burning myself out.  I was lucky, I guess because even traditional Western medicine acknowledged that the main source of sciatic pain was emotional.  So, I decided to try working with Wayne and allowing myself to experiment with his more unconventional healing modalities.

At first, like many other women, I was wary.  I didn’t want to have him touch me and I didn’t want to be vulnerable.  I didn’t trust him– or really any man for that matter, after being abandoned by my dad at a young age.  But I found very early on that Wayne’s work was CHANGING me, for the better.  I started opening myself to viewing myself differently– seeing problems I’d just chalked up to as “the way I am” (like being closed, bitter and angry) as things that I had developed as defense mechanisms– things that I didn’t have to identify with.

Immediately after beginning working with Wayne I started facing some of the really scary parts of my past– started accepting them and DEALING WITH THEM.  I confronted my dad; we started family therapy and a year later our relationship is growing into true closeness.  Within the first few months of working with Wayne, I started allowing myself to FEEL, to explore different ways that I might view myself.  My body issues dropped away!  I had struggled with binge eating and body hatred all my life.  Through this work, I can ACTUALLY say that I feel good about my body.  I don’t act compulsively toward food anymore.  This is an enormous success for me, since prior to this work, I had read all kinds of self-help books, done workshops, tried different eating systems– all with no real shifts.

I cannot express just how much I have gained from working with Wayne in his Tantric Healing modality.  I have gained SO MUCH courage to actually LIVE my life.  His work IS difficult– because it forces you to face your demons.  But Wayne is incredibly supportive and emotionally strong, and he helps to create a space where you can try things out… and learn that it’s really not so bad, looking at all those terrifying fears.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to do this work.  I wish every woman had the chance to do this; I wish every woman had “the balls” to try it out.  I know it’s off the beaten path, but if you just give it a try… and let yourself have a chance to change…you will have an opportunity like none other to feel really free and truly alive.

Thank you, Wayne.

– JC, IL