Thank you for the work you did with me in Sedona at the temple.  I greatly appreciated the compassionate way you evaluated my needs.  The time you spent with me talking before we did any work was helpful.  You were able to get a very good idea of my needs from this conversation and then you were able to evaluate my body and energetic restrictions very well.  You took the time to explain everything you were doing and got my consent at each moment. This allowed me to open up even more and get more out of my session.

Your skill at evaluating my physical and energetic need was definitely accurate.  You worked with my restrictions and also had me participate with breathing exercises.  To me this is very important as nobody can heal you but yourself, however one can facilitate another’s healing and this is what you did for me.

The main work I needed was to begin the opening of my Root Chakra, which was very blocked.  After the work you did with me I have been able to continue the opening with my personal practice.  I believe you jumpstarted the opening process for me.  It would have taken me years if at all to get to where I am now after receiving your help.

Thank you for your compassionate and intuitive work.